Sunday, March 19, 2017

How You Can Save Money on Entertainment

I know there's no way we can remove entertainment as part of our lifestyle. The key to save money on entertainment is to find cheaper alternatives. Some ideas for you on how to save money on entertainment in Singapore:

1. Get a streaming box
If you like to watch movies at cinema or foreign drama, you may want to consider getting a streaming box. So many brands of streaming box available nowadays in the market with competitive price. You can get updates on your drama, box office movies and international TV channels all in one device without spending a dime on subscription.

2. Go for free entrance museums
There some museums here in Singapore offering local people free entrance. You may want to make use of it on some weekends.

3. Go for free concert
Esplanade offer free performances and free concert more often than before. Free concert in the concert hall is held once every month. Usually it'll be on Sunday 3 PM. However, seating will be started around 2 PM. So you may want to come early to get good seat as it's free seating.

4. Earn cashback
If you're living in Singapore, you can get cashback from your online purchase, including your cinema ticket from ShopBack. You just need to sign up and make your online purchase from the shops' link in the ShopBack. The percentage or the cashback rate varies among shops. But, it's a win-win situation for you, you get the entertainment plus cashback.

5. Check deal sites
Sometimes you can get good bargain from deal sites like Fave (previously known as Groupon).

Saturday, February 4, 2017

When Spending Money Is Actually Good

When Spending Money Is Actually Good

I grew up in a humble family and my parents always emphasized on the importance of savings. They always avoid spending money for something unnecessary. However, there are few exceptions that they don't mind to spend extra.

1. Nutritious food good for health
My parents don't mind spending on food, especially on those which are good for health because they know being sick is super expensive.

2. Insurance to protect something important
Health or life insurance are a must as the health treatment or hospital can be very high. It also includes device protection insurance. If you know that your precious devices will cost you fortune to fix when anything happens, it's worth to purchase protection insurance. It will help you to save money.

3. Better education
My parents believe in the importance of having good education for their kids. That's why they worked their ass off to send us to good school and some additional courses to build our skills. For example, my parents sent us to English course since we're young for few years. It's definitely not cheap but it paid off when I went to English speaking university in my country without much difficulty.

4. Multi-purpose items that can save you money or time
Whether it's skincare product or household product, multi-purpose or multi-function products can save you a lot of money from buying more individual ones and save your valuable time.

What else do you think is good to spend money one? 

Saturday, December 3, 2016

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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Earn Cashback From Your Online Shopping

If you like to do online shopping like me, you can get some cashback by signing up Shopback. Shopback has more than 300 popular partner shops where you can earn some percentage from your purchases. The amount or the percentage varies depends on the shop or other condition. They have wide range of shop categories from food, fashion & beauty, stationery, electronics, travel, etc.

You can register for Shopback account here to start earning your cashback. Happy shopping!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

My Financial Resolutions

It's new year new beginning again.

Same as millions of people around the world, I want to take control of my personal finance at this new year. So I decided to make few resolutions to put my financial situation into a better one.

1. Less expenses
I want to cut all unnecessary expenses this year. I stopped my gym membership and go for cheaper (or free, even better) form of workout such as swimming (at friend's condo or community swimming pool), jogging at the nearest park or yoga/workout at home. I used to buy my favourite magazine every month. But I stopped this habit for good and buy only once in a while when I feel like reading magazine. I visit expensive restaurant lesser nowadays too.

2. Make extra money
I sell a lot of things that I don't need anymore online. I get to clear space in my store room, plus I get extra money in my pocket. Win-win solution.

3. Pay debt on time
I'm trying my best to pay my credit card on time to avoid any charges or fees. I set a reminder few days before the due date every month.

4. Buy things in bulk (especially when it's on sale) to save money
For all the important daily necessity, I tried to buy it in bulk because it's cheaper. Extra point if it's on sale.

5. Find cheaper indulgence
Of course once in a while you need to indulge yourself for all the hard work you've gone through. The key is to find cheaper alternative in your indulgence. For example, if you usually buy coffee at Starbucks, try other coffee shop that offer cheaper price. Or go watch movie at cinema on weekdays instead of weekend.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Wise Ways to Spend Your Annual Bonus

It's bonus time of the year! I believe most of you are happier this month because of the extra cash in your bank account. No matter how small or big is your bonus, it must be used wisely to avoid regret and improve your life.

Here are the wise ways to use your annual bonus:

1. Pay Debts
Try to clear as much debts as possible, especially high-interest ones.

2. Setup Emergency Fund
Ideally you should have equal to 3-4 months expenses in your account in case there's unforeseen circumstances happens. It's good if you have 6 months amount.

3. Start Investing
If you haven't started investing, maybe you should start considering it. With high inflation rate and low interest in your saving account, your money won't grow. Only with investment you can at least see that your money 'working harder' for you. If you're afraid of losing your hard-earned money, opt for low to medium risk type (i.e., mutual funds). Always remember to do research or get knowledge before you're investing. Or alternatively, get opinion from financial planner.

4. Health and Life Insurance
Health is your number one wealth. You must always protect your health and life for yourself and family. Getting insurance is the way to do it. Choose reputable insurance that has greater coverage and benefits from your premium. 

5. Improving Your Health and Wellness
Taking care your health and wellness is an important thing to do. Healthy body and mind can lead to higher productivity at work and in the end will bring wealth for you. Use your bonus for something that can improve your health and wellness. Here are some ideas:
- Health screening
- Dental treatment
- Good pair of glasses (get PC glasses to protect your eyes from harmful blue light that comes from digital monitors)
- Gym membership (and make sure you fully utilize it)
- Massage cushion
- Healthy food
- Good mattress and pillow
- Comfortable shoes

6. Improve Your Skills
Use your bonus money to upgrade your skills. You can take up professional courses, language courses, soft skill courses or other life skill courses, like baking, swimming, driving, etc.

7. Hobby
Ok, you can splurge a bit on your hobby and interest now. 

8. Travel or Vacation
It's definitely a wise way to spend your bonus. Set aside some portion for vacation. You deserve it.

9. Treating Family and Friends
You can show your appreciation to friends and family for their support.

10. Charity
Last but not least, donate some portion of your bonus for charity or good cause. Let's make the world a better place.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Earn Cash From Your Commute Everyday

Are you one of those people that squeeze every morning in the train to get to work? Maybe you're not happy with the squeezing part and the long duration you need to go through everyday and hoping it will get better someday. What if you can earn some cash from those train trips? Sounds good, right? That's what Insinc will give you: cash from your trips. 

When you are joining Travel Smart Rewards, you can register your CEPAS card (EZ-link card, people said) and earn points from your off-peak period trip by train. Number of points you get is depend on how far you're travelling from Monday to Friday (sorry, weekend is not included). You get 1 point for every km you travel. And, when you make a trip during the off-peak period as shown below you get extra points depending on your status.

off-peak period & points earn (source: Insinc)

These points that you earn allow you to play the spin game and earn cash rewards. Or if you wish, you can redeem the points for the cash straight away without playing the spin game.

Insinc spin game

The money you earn can be used to top-up your EZ-Link card or can be sent to your bank account.

Additionally, you earn 250 points when friends you refer are joining Insinc too.

Sign up here