Thursday, March 21, 2013

Never Pay in Full Price

Since the living cost in Singapore is high, I've been actively searching ways to save money on my purchases (I can't include food and accomodation here). That doesn't mean I'm being extremely live in very poor state. I still make sure I live comfortably and sometimes make splurge expenses too, just not everyday.

One of my resolution this year that I've started practicing since few months ago is not to pay in full price. Definitely, not all things, but most of them.

Here are few ways that I personally do:

1. Know where to get
Try to explore the area around you and see if you can find the items you want in cheaper price. For bath and body care usually I get it from Pink Beauty or Venus or CK. The price there are almost half price you get from Fairprice or Watsons or Guardian. Online shops are good place to hunt for bargains too. is one of my favourite place to get basic clothing, accessories and cosmetics.

2. Stock up when there's sale
Especially those items that you know rarely having sale. But, pay attention about expiry date. You don't want to stock up and end up throwing them away because it expires. Calculate how much/many you need to stock up until the next sale season.

3. Join membership
The good thing here in Singapore, almost all shops (I mean those the one you can find in shopping malls) offer membership with various benefits. Some of them are free and there are some of them you need to pay some amount of money for the membership fee. Choose wisely.
Must join: if it's free life time membership from the store you often purchase from
It's a good deal, join!: if it's one time (especially low) pay with life time membership
Think again: if you need to pay annual membership fee unless the benefits are worth it. Those memberships often give their member more discount percentage or points when purchases are made. Make use of that.

4. Join mailing list or follow Facebook page
You can join the brand's mailing list or their Facebook pages to get the sale information first hand.

5. Ask for promotion/discount
I don't know about you, but I often find that stores only give discount when I ask for it. For example, there is one day I went to SimLim Square to buy something. I found the thing I want with cheaper price at one store. Then, I asked the store's employee if I could get more discount. Surprisingly, they really gave me. Nowadays, I always ask if there is any card promotion or if they can give more discounts before I pay. It's nothing to lose to ask. Who knows you can get additional few dollars off from your purchase. Another saving for you.

What about deal sites?
Not all deal sites give you the best deal. From my observation, don't buy electronics and accessories from them because you can find it cheaper buying from other places. For electronics, do visit Sim Lim Square or Funan to survey the price before buying. Don't forget to ask about freebies the shop can throw in for you too.

However, you can get good deal on dining, activities, courses and travel from these deal sites. Do make sure you check the terms and conditions carefully before buying the voucher. Email or call the vendor to get the details or to ask questions if it's necessary.

I believe there are more ways to achieve this resolution. If you do have and don't mind, please share with me ^_^.

Source: My Days in Singapore

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