Thursday, April 18, 2013

Saving Tips from My Parent

Since I was young, my parents have been teaching me and my siblings not to spend money on useless things. Partially, it's because our family was not a wealthy family, not much excess money to spend. We only had enough money for basic needs, like food, education, and bills.

After grown up, we still try to stick to some of those habits. Even though sometimes I think there are some of them are not necessary to be done now but I do believe they are good habits and it's better to be implemented as early as now. Anyway, my parents have lived far longer than me and they should know what's best.

1. Don't spend too much on branded thing
My parents have been highlighting to always live simply. Don't buy too many things that are useless. For them, buying clothes too frequent and branded things are a waste or useless. I do know some people worship branded things and there's nothing wrong with that. Sometimes, I also eye on sale for my favorite branded things. It's just sometimes you can always get cheaper alternatives with the same quality out there. 

2. When you buy it, make sure you use it
My mum doesn't like it when we buy new product (beauty or body products) when actually the previous alike product is not used up yet to the the max. It will means I'm wasting my money because I haven't gotten back fully whatever value I paid for that product. So, if you decided to buy, make sure you use it to the maximum. 

3. Taking care things is a part of saving too

When you take a good care of your belongings, you lengthen its life span. That means you can use them longer and you don't need to buy replacement product.

4. Always try to recycle and reuse

Be creative. You may be able to make use something else useful out of your unused things.

5. Don't save on healthy food
Whenever it comes to healthy food, my parents always allow us to splurge. Eating healthy food is good for body thus they don't mind to spend some money within our means.

Feel free to apply those tips that you think make sense to you.

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