Saturday, June 29, 2013

Home Electricity Saving Tips

Since my sister and I rent a flat, we have been paying more attention to our electricity and water usage.
With the regular adjustment from SP Service on electricity bill, we've been learning ways to reduce our electricity usage to avoid big painful amount of bill.

1. Don't use electric water jug to boil water
This is something we learned from our mom. We used to use this electric water jug a lot because it's hassle-free. Just fill the jug with the tap water, put it back to the jug base, and press the boil button on the jug. In few minutes, I get my hot boiling water ready to be poured.

Little I knew that this convenient thing contributed significantly to our electricity bill. Since mom told us this, we rarely use the jug and we noticed that our bill was lower by $15-$20/month. Not bad, right?

2. Don't use air conditioner if it's not really necessary
Luckily, my flat and my room especially has good  ventilation. Most of the time we don't need to turn on air conditioner, just open widely the windows at night. We also have a small fan as an alternative. If you really need to turn on the air conditioner, try to set the temperature around 25 degree and set timer to limit the usage, recommended by SP Service. The lower the temperature the bigger the energy consumption.
*Electricity used by air conditioner is equivalent to electricity used by 32 fans.

3. Charge your devices at office
Typically, I charge my phone at office during weekdays. I just plug the lightning cable to my laptop in office and let my phone charging for few hours. Usually I don't need to charge again at night unless I use it heavily.

4. Don't let your device keep charging
Some people have habit to let their devices charged even if it's fully charged already. What I do usually for my laptop is to switch off the electricity socket connected to the adapter and let it run on battery until it's almost flat (10% battery left usually). My laptop will give warning or notification when certain percentage of battery left. When I see this notification then I switch on the power for the adapter to let it charging.

5. Use the same room as other home member
I know some of you may think it's not realistic. But you can try your best to reduce the electricity usage to switch off the lights when the room is not occupied

6. Switch off all power socket used by electric devices when not in use or before out of home
I will always make sure that my internet, TV and my laptop charger power sockets are off before off to work. According to SP Service, electrical devices still use small amount of energy called 'phantom energy' when they are on the standby mode. This phantom energy contributes 10% of your home electricity usage.

For your info (taken from SP Service website):

The electricity tariff for households is 25.95 cents per kWh (with effect from 1 Jul 2013 to 30 Sep 2013).
The gas tariff for households is 21.26 cents per kWh (with effect from 1 May 2013).
The water tariff for households is $1.17 per cubic metre (below 40m3) and $1.40 per cubic metre (above 40m3).

If you have other brilliant ideas to save energy, please feel free to share with me ^_^

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