Sunday, June 23, 2013

Spending Challenge #1: $0 Spending This Sunday

I'm going to start a spending challenge to myself. So here is the plan. As a start I'll try to do 1-day $0 spending challenge. And, over the time, I'll try to increase the frequency to few days a week, 1 week, up to 1 month.

Today, I'm starting the 1 day no spending challenge.

I woke up at 10 am today. Usually even on weekend, I'll go to coffee shop near my flat to get my teh si (tea with milk less sweet, my favorite) and my breakfast. Sometimes I'll go to coffee shop again around 4-5pm to buy my lunch + dinner.

But today I refrained from going out of my flat and sip into a cup of sachet coffee (shared with my sister). I cook a cup of rice this afternoon. Since me and my sister are not big eater, this amount of rice is enough for both of us for 2 meals. My sister just came back from home town last weekend and she brought some pre-cooked meal from my mum. So I fried this big fish that she brought and eat my portion of rice with it. Again, the big fish is enough for both of us for 2 meals.

Saving: $1.2 for teh si, $2.50 for breakfast, $2.30-$3 for dinner (average price)

Most of the time on weekend, I have craving for something sweet. We do stock up some snacks and chocolate in our fridge once every few months. Because we still have some stock of biscuits and wafers, I munched on them few times today. I also still have some left over grapes that I bought few days ago.

Saving: $1-2 per snack serving (approximately)

Weekend is the best time for me to browse shopping sites. Until the time I write this post, I've opened at least 2 sites and browsed for about 1 hour in total, put some items into my shopping bag because they were cheap. But I decided not to proceed with the payment because I thought I didn't really need them right now.

Saving: $25 (the total price of the items that I put in the shopping bag)

Total saving today: $32-$33.70

If you have done the same challenge or doing it right now, share with me yoir experience. I'd love to know...

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