Thursday, July 25, 2013

Smarter Online Shopping

Online shopping has been so much more convenient nowadays and make me to refuse to be out of my flat to make purchases. However, there are few things you need to pay attention if you're new to online shopping.


Make a brief research and do comparison with few sites that sell the product you want to get the best deal. Be careful with the price shown, in case there's hidden charge. Always check the final price to be charged to you.

Calculate shipping fee

Make sure you check the shipping fee before hitting the "Buy" button. If you're buying from overseas sites, the shipping fee may be even more expensive than what you're paying for the product itself. If that's the case, look for alternative way.  Most of the online shops offer free shipping within the country. Check vPOST website if you can get cheaper service from them. vPOST has representative offices in few countries. The alternative way is to ship the product to the vPOST office in that country where the online shop offers free shipping and get vPOST ships to you with lower shipping charge.Check for more details.


If the shopping site has rating or review feature, use it to measure if the shop/site is reliable enough. Observe if the seller/site replies any question asked (if available). From the review you can also check the quality of the products. Sometimes, you can even check the size measurement for the clothes or shoes that you want to buy because it may vary in many countries. Check also number of transaction that the shop/site has handled. You can be more confident buying from sites with high volume of transactions.

Return Policy

Make sure to check if the site has return policy written and take some time to read it. If it's not stated in the website, try to contact the seller before shopping.

Make use promotion code/coupon

Sign up for site's mailing list to be updated with upcoming promotion. Good deals always make me happy.

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