Sunday, September 29, 2013

Earn Cash From Your Commute Everyday

Are you one of those people that squeeze every morning in the train to get to work? Maybe you're not happy with the squeezing part and the long duration you need to go through everyday and hoping it will get better someday. What if you can earn some cash from those train trips? Sounds good, right? That's what Insinc will give you: cash from your trips. 

When you are joining Travel Smart Rewards, you can register your CEPAS card (EZ-link card, people said) and earn points from your off-peak period trip by train. Number of points you get is depend on how far you're travelling from Monday to Friday (sorry, weekend is not included). You get 1 point for every km you travel. And, when you make a trip during the off-peak period as shown below you get extra points depending on your status.

off-peak period & points earn (source: Insinc)

These points that you earn allow you to play the spin game and earn cash rewards. Or if you wish, you can redeem the points for the cash straight away without playing the spin game.

Insinc spin game

The money you earn can be used to top-up your EZ-Link card or can be sent to your bank account.

Additionally, you earn 250 points when friends you refer are joining Insinc too.

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