Wednesday, January 6, 2016

My Financial Resolutions

It's new year new beginning again.

Same as millions of people around the world, I want to take control of my personal finance at this new year. So I decided to make few resolutions to put my financial situation into a better one.

1. Less expenses
I want to cut all unnecessary expenses this year. I stopped my gym membership and go for cheaper (or free, even better) form of workout such as swimming (at friend's condo or community swimming pool), jogging at the nearest park or yoga/workout at home. I used to buy my favourite magazine every month. But I stopped this habit for good and buy only once in a while when I feel like reading magazine. I visit expensive restaurant lesser nowadays too.

2. Make extra money
I sell a lot of things that I don't need anymore online. I get to clear space in my store room, plus I get extra money in my pocket. Win-win solution.

3. Pay debt on time
I'm trying my best to pay my credit card on time to avoid any charges or fees. I set a reminder few days before the due date every month.

4. Buy things in bulk (especially when it's on sale) to save money
For all the important daily necessity, I tried to buy it in bulk because it's cheaper. Extra point if it's on sale.

5. Find cheaper indulgence
Of course once in a while you need to indulge yourself for all the hard work you've gone through. The key is to find cheaper alternative in your indulgence. For example, if you usually buy coffee at Starbucks, try other coffee shop that offer cheaper price. Or go watch movie at cinema on weekdays instead of weekend.

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