Saturday, February 4, 2017

When Spending Money Is Actually Good

When Spending Money Is Actually Good

I grew up in a humble family and my parents always emphasized on the importance of savings. They always avoid spending money for something unnecessary. However, there are few exceptions that they don't mind to spend extra.

1. Nutritious food good for health
My parents don't mind spending on food, especially on those which are good for health because they know being sick is super expensive.

2. Insurance to protect something important
Health or life insurance are a must as the health treatment or hospital can be very high. It also includes device protection insurance. If you know that your precious devices will cost you fortune to fix when anything happens, it's worth to purchase protection insurance. It will help you to save money.

3. Better education
My parents believe in the importance of having good education for their kids. That's why they worked their ass off to send us to good school and some additional courses to build our skills. For example, my parents sent us to English course since we're young for few years. It's definitely not cheap but it paid off when I went to English speaking university in my country without much difficulty.

4. Multi-purpose items that can save you money or time
Whether it's skincare product or household product, multi-purpose or multi-function products can save you a lot of money from buying more individual ones and save your valuable time.

What else do you think is good to spend money one? 

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